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Why Choose Anglin Equipment Services?

At Anglin Equipment, we service what we sell. We can service more products from a wider variety of product lines than our competitors so you only ever have to make one call.

In addition to equipment service and repair, we also offer unique project services to help you build your garage or maintenance facility. Whether you need to fix your vehicle service equipment or you want to add on to your garage, Anglin Equipment is your one-stop shop.

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On-Site Equipment Service & Repairs

Anglin Equipment offers a wide range of special on-site service and repair options so that you can reduce your downtime and maintain the efficiency of your business.

Preventative Maintenance

Anglin Equipment can set you up with a preventive maintenance program for your shop equipment. Our most popular programs are:

  • Annual lift inspections
  • Annual compressor maintenance
  • Annual A/C machine maintenance
  • While there, we can take a quick look around your shop and address other problems you may be having

We will keep track of your PM and call to make an appointment when you are due.

Emergency Services

Emergencies happen. Sometimes a vehicle can get stuck on a lift or your compressor goes down and your shop has no air. We can provide you with several options:

  • During regular business hours, we can dispatch a technician to your location usually within an hour.
  • If an immediate on-site visit from a technician is not an option, we will call your shop and perform a diagnosis over the phone with your mechanic. Often this will solve the critical problem and we will schedule a follow-up repair call as soon as possible.
  • For portable equipment, we can often lend you a replacement to keep your shop running until repairs can be made to your piece of equipment.

Repair Services

Our technician will come to your service shop to provide diagnostic and repair services for all of your shop equipment. If we are unable to repair your equipment immediately, we will provide a detailed quote and timeline for completing the recommended repairs.

At our repair center:
If you choose, portable equipment can be brought to our shop for diagnosis and repair. Often, we have equipment that we can loan you so that you can keep your shop running.

ALI Left Inspections

Codes and regulations affecting vehicle lift requirements vary across the states in the U.S. Anglin Equipment is a member of the Automotive Lift Institute and has a certified ALI lift inspector on staff. We are qualified If you have a requirement for an ALI-certified inspection.


Project Services

Anglin Equipment offers a wide range of project services to car dealerships and government agencies.

We have many years of experience building new or adding on to existing garages or maintenance facilities. Whether you need to expand your existing space to make room for new business or you are starting from scratch, Anglin Equipment will help you build a top-of-the-line facility while providing hands-on service throughout the entire project.

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